….but to serve

Service to human person’s must start early in life so that it progresses into a powerful character later in life.  Parents or guardians play a fundamental role in assisting the child to develop this character.  If we fail to teach our children to serve others, they will grow knowing only to receive and probably know only to serve at their convenience. They can become underdeveloped when it comes to serving unconditionally.

The sad part is, sometimes the parents themselves are ignorant about having a servant attitude to be able to pass on the baton of faith in the area of serving.

One great man said it this way “Even the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve”, and His name is Jesus, He demonstrated to the world what it means to serve.

So “to be of service” is for all of us – whether parent, youth or teenager.

I have three things to say to parents as they play the central role in a child’s development of life:

  • Select for your children

 During the child’s growing years teach them through toys, drawings, stories to carefully choose as being the best or most suitable thing for them.  Teach them to give what they have, illustrate helping someone who is hurt; show them how to care through words and actions.  All these will definitely register to the young mind.  If the child is always at the receiving end right from early days, then at some point the child becomes obese physically, mentally and emotionally.  Any kind of obese leads to sickness.  Teach your children to serve, they will grow up with a servant heart and will make a difference to the world.

  •  Speak about it

 Make it your family motto “We are here to serve and not to be served”.  We as parents have to keep saying it and repeating this over the years as they grow up, and they will always remember what you taught them while they were young.  Growing up with this adage and demonstrating it, someday you could become proud parents of your children who may be called to be of special service to a great organization or to a nation – making a difference.

  •  Show them how

Learning means someone demonstrating theoretically or practically what must be learnt.  It signifies truth.  We have to be live examples, not just about someone from a story book. If we don’t as parents serve, the children will grow up thinking it’s their right to be served and conclude that it’s someone else duty not theirs, so show them how to serve.  “Well done is better than well said” – Benjamin Franklin