Heap red-hot coals on their heads!

Our family, our community and our world could be a fabulous place if everyone truly knows how to treat every other person.  But it seems like people are livid and make a lot of rivals rather than making friends.

A real good relationship is made up of love and care for one another.  But that’s not always the case; there are arguments, difference of opinions, quarrels, break-ups, patch-ups, hurts, offenses and so on.  There can never ever be a relationship sans any of these make-ups.

Some truly good relationships between people are lost due to offenses and hurts and it may seem irretrievable, and they end up becoming enemies.

But the striking thing about relationship is that you can retrieve it – if you choose to – by a noble behavior towards them, by overpowering their anger or offence by offering them their need, by being there to help, by forgiving and asking for forgiveness.

Seize the opportunity to do it, and then you will heap burning coals on their head!  Whereby you would cause their cold head to be turned-on with the fire of love for you!

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good – This is intense and it’s rewarding!