The Wedding

Benjamin & Neolyne walked the aisle on the 9thof April 2016



There were many obstacles before the wedding day, sickness in the bride’s family which could have suspended the set date of the wedding; a near fatal accident on the bachelor’s night out when the car broke down that night, later we were informed by the mechanic that there could have been an explosion. This was scary. But God protected and He saved – it’s a God story!  And many times even during the making of the wedding, my hubby and me would get disoriented at times or get on each other’s nerves. And we are alike.


We all have these oddities of life especially nearing an important event; they are neither coincidental nor explainable other than in terms of God.


What’s more important was that the wedding was fabulous. Neo was shining!


All glory to Him who orchestrated the entire occasion where everyone had their chance to thank God for Ben & Neo and His goodness over their lives that appropriately conveyed the heartbeat of their faith journey. It left the young ones wanting more as they danced for the couple and had their clothing still in style and showed off their efficient cooling system by heavy sweating, as the music came to an end.


The defining moment was of course when Ben & Neo were pronounced as “Husband & Wife,” but for us whose spiritual waters have been tested many times, we know that the defining moment was when these two hearts were knit together in love, by His great love. It’s a God story again!


I like this quote – “Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you” by Loretta Young, and that’s what happened here, Ben & Neo were found by love.




As we flag off their journey together as husband and wife, we want to say this to them:


Ben & Neo

Trust each other and be Determined to make Life happen through God’s way

Look at your Wedding Ring often and know that your Love is like that unending Circle of your Ring

Always remember that “Love covers a multitude of sins”

Your Faith in God and with each other must be Immutable

Read the Vows you made to each other often, to Remind you of your Commitment

Overcome Storms of Life by holding Hands together in prayer 

God bless you with Peace, Contentment and Joy from above



The making of the wedding of Ben & Neo! (3)

“I wonder what God was thinking
When He created you
I wonder if He knew everything I would need
Because He made all my dreams come true
When God made you
He must have been thinking about me”

What a beautiful song by Natalie Grant.

And yes I believe that when God created the beautiful Neolyne, He definitely would have thought of our handsome Benjamin!

And it’s true for every couple out there, because God cares about who you’ve married. And for all the singles waiting for your prince/princess, I believe as you grow to understand this truth, it’s wise that you always search for God’s revealed and perfect will for your prince/princess, who is out there somewhere.

Preparations are well continuing leaving us with just 12 days more to go for the Big Day. So exciting!! And more excited with the whole family coming together for this occasion.

One of the greatest challenges is getting our house painted completely on the inside. In India we believe that in occasions like marriage and other festivities we want to go for a sparkling new look of our home.  Introducing new color schemes is what my husband is so good at. Thanks to a handy guide on hues, to be able to identify the right one for any kind of paint job.​

So the spaces in our home are decorated with gorgeous shades of blue, green, pink and violet particularly suited for this season, or I guess. But yet to finish, two more rooms to go, hopefully by Sunday, so kindly excuse the mess if you drop in, and you’ll see a lot of colors.

Another development is that Ben & Neo have successfully completed the “Alpha Marriage Course” last Sunday coached by our senior leaders.  This course, based on Christian principles touches almost all aspects of marriage, offering practical solutions on building healthy marriages. The topics look like this:

  • Building Strong Foundations
    • Art of Communication
    • Resolving Conflict
    • The Power of Forgiveness
    • The Impact of Family
    • Good Sex
    • Love in Action



I am sure both Ben & Neo through this course have got a taste of how marriage is going to look for them. My prayer is that they will make unquestionable effort and commitment to keep their marriage, agape love and fun alive, so that they will not hit a brick wall or a stone wall someday.


Things almost done:


  • Guest’s accommodation booked and confirmed.
  • Wedding cards given, a little more to be given.
  • Keys for their house received with all formalities/registration/police clearance completed.. What a task for a rented house!
  • The order for the wedding service has been completed. Music, DJ, Sound – to have a meeting soon to finalize the songs and music.
  • Next waiting for everyone to take their holidays …. so that last minute unexpected hiccups could be eluded, as we look into all the details once again. Also the “Oh no I forgot that” phrase, which is quite a familiar phrase to me, could cause a trickle-down effect on all of the family members, if it ever happens!  May we please not let this happen! Everyone attention please!!


12 days to go and hopefully we’ll be able to tick off all on the list, and no last-minute glitch would interrupt our best-laid plans, or so I think.


to be contd…