You live only once and forever!

Today is first of September, eight months have gone by for 2015 and the phrase ‘in a blink of an eye’ can be used here because it surely has gone so fast.  Every second, every minute, every hour and a day that goes by, has gone forever and it can never be retrieved, no matter how hard you try.

Now is the time and today is the day to do what you regret not doing earlier. “Present” is a gift and it undoubtedly remains all the time because it is “there” all the time.

I love the present because I can do many things “now” so that what I keep doing “now” can be enjoyed in the “present” of my future.

So it’s good to say NOW:

                 “I am sorry, please forgive me”

                 “I love you and will always love you”

                “Don’t give up, you can make it happen”

                “I am there for you, you are not alone”

                “I forgive you”

                “I understand what you are going through”

                “I am willing to help you”

before it’s too late and you have lost your opportunity, you live only once in this world and in eternity forever.

No matter who or what situation you are facing now, it’s so much healthier to let go of anger and bitterness, offense and irritation – make amends “now” and be free to enjoy your present for your future.  It is for your own benefit!


Past, present & future

It would be so good if you could just rewind time to go to your past and undo unpleasant things that has happened to you. 

But that’s impossible! You and I know it!  Not one second can be retrieved from our lives, what is gone is gone, what has happened has happened! 

We all regret our past mistakes.

Therefore look with tenacity at your past, especially at the errors that has caused you deep troubles, in such a manner, to make amendments to your present, so as to experience a safe and secure future.  Make every day count with right choice! 




Florence Selvan