While it’s raining

I think I should refer to the phrase “it’s raining cats and dogs in Mumbai” as it’s appropriate right now.

The scenario looks like this – schools closed, trains stalled, flights delayed and disrupted, cars and buses submerged half into the waters in the low lying areas and umbrellas and raincoats are sold like crazy.  There’s flooding in some areas and more rains expected in the coming days.

Well, what else is expected – it is the season!!  The coolness of the wind is so welcomed, what a relief from the heat and sweating.  And the sound of the rain is so pacifying and heartening, also to see the dusty trees and plants, now so clean and fresh.  But along with this comes the muck on the streets that it’s so uncomfortable to step outside of comfort and coziness of the home.

The rains carry its own beauty – except that it’s wet and wet everywhere – bringing the temperatures down by 6 to 7 degrees, making a lot of difference in this place.

However it has it woes, when the rain goes a little overboard:

mumbai rains

But the news is, the waters are receding and hopefully will be better in the next few days.

However want to say that God blesses us with rains to water crops, to cause grain seed to grow for food, and grass to grow for cattle. Rains also provide milk and meat for us.  It is fortunate for our farmers; prosperous for our country and beneficial to every individual.

Rain is not a blessing when there is too much of it, it becomes a discomfort!  When it crosses the mark and its behavior turns destructive.

To quote – on a lighter note Vladimir Nabokov said, “Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards.”

Rain is a witness of God’s goodness over our lives and the Country we live in.

So enjoy it while it’s there!

by florence selvan