The making of the wedding of Ben & Neo!


They met at their work place called “Cheers Interactive” and before they even realized they were making each other cheerful with their interaction at every stage! Whether the company lost some intelligence and insights along the way, I do not know, but Benjamin and Neolyne’s insight into each other’s lives has smoothly landed them into a relationship with a commitment of marriage. They are going to say “Cheers” to each other for a new beginning as “Husband and Wife” on the “Ninth of April, Two Thousand and Sixteen.” Ah! what a day of celebration it will be! I know it’s going to be so awesome and beautiful that heavens will rejoice and so will all of us!

They have known each other for almost two years and well over a year after their engagement last year in January, some qualms, apprehensions and sentiments had surfaced and resurfaced as they bonded together. But they didn’t let any of these paralyze them from experiencing the joys of love for one another, and it has made them truthful, honorable, trustworthy and stronger toward each other.

ben & neo

Ben & Neo

I thank God for creating them to be together and to enjoy their lives as a “gift” for one another.

And yes they have a long journey to go, but as they set their hearts completely on God for all the challenges that comes in marriage and family, they would be free to give and receive love unconditionally. The one who perfectly loves them as He sees them together will guide and provide for them all along their journey.


Most of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins The Bible – 1 Peter 4:8


As they will stand beautifully clothed as Bride and Bridegroom on that great day, all the heights and depths of heaven’s joy will be theirs and ours.


All preparations are well underway …. Continued in my next blog.




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